Payment & shipping

Credit card                                    

We do accept MasterCard, VISA and AMEX.

During the order process you can pay the amount by credit card. For that you need the card number, end of validity period and error checking number of the card. The check digit of the card has a security function, that is used by the credit card companies, to ensure that the credit card is physically present during the order process.

On your MasterCard and VISA you can find the 3-digit error checking number on the back.

On the AMEX it is a 4-digit error checking number and you can find it on the front. With the debit of your credit card account your items will be dispatched.

Bank transfer

Description: Bank transfer

With this option you make the bank transfer of the amount owed to our bank account. You will receive our bank details in the order confirmation, that will be send after the order process.

Please indicate your order number, that you receive by email, as the reason for payment, as this will make it easier to assign your payment to your order.

The dispatch of your items will be effected, as soon as the amount owed has been booked to our account, respectively during the delivery time agreed.

Usually we ships all orders within 24 Hrs                                                     


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